Become a Mentor

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Have you ever had a mentor – or wished you'd had one? Has someone helped you to achieve your professional goals? The Nursing Practice Commission of NHNA would like you to consider assisting New Hampshire's current and future nurses to achieve their career goals.

Mentors are individuals who have experience and expertise in a particular area and are willing to share their knowledge to help those with less experience. A mentoring relationship varies in formality and time commitment - mentors may help more than one individual depending on their time and expertise. A mentor can be a nurse executive, educator, or a staff nurse with a few years of experience. As a mentor you will have the opportunity to help our profession grow.

Benefits for mentors include increased role satisfaction, professional recognition, enhanced leadership skills, broadening professional networks, and creating a legacy (Guilana & Ornstein, 2012; Coates, 2012). Nurses looking for mentors are enthusiastic, motivated to learn, and desire to advance their careers. These are individuals who want to change their career path, advance their education, develop better organizational skills, enhance life/work balance, or enter leadership positions. Sharing your knowledge and experiences can help these nurses succeed. In nursing, mentoring relationships have shown to increase staff retention, job satisfaction, and confidence (Mills & Mullins, 2008).

This section of the NHNA website is designed to facilitate connection between nurses looking for guidance to those with expertise to share. Mentors can choose either a longer term relationship to help a protégée advance his or her career, or they may choose a shorter time commitment through forums and "ask the specialist" online communications. The overall goal of this program is to offer New Hampshire nurses assistance to further their education and professional development.

This section of the website is provided by the New Hampshire Nurses Association (NHNA) as a vehicle for networking purposes only. The information provided by our volunteers are the opinions of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the NHNA. The NHNA takes no responsibility for the accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability of information shared as a result of using this service.