2017 Quarterly Financials, March

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Each quarter NHNA will post the most recent quarter-end financial report for its membership consideration.  These reports have been reviewed with and discussed with your Board of Directors. 

The reports are in three parts.

Part 1 
Financial Commentary that speaks to major variances between actual revenue, expenses and net income/loss relative to the budget and the prior year.

Part 2
Summary Financial Statement, comparing the current month to the budget for that month and to the prior year for the same month, as well as, a year-to-date financial statement with similar comparisons.

Part 3 
Graphical display of key financial indicators, such as pie charts showing revenue by category and expenses by category, bar graphs comparing year-to-date revenue to the budget and the prior year for each major category of revenue and expenses, and finally, line graphs showing cumulative revenue (or expenses) compared to the budget and prior year.